With different types of tiles out in the market that vary depending on material, design, size, and quality, the task of remodeling your bathroom or designing one can prove to be overwhelming. Well, tiles make a great impression and they are one of the key elements that make your bathroom comfortable. With that in mind, it makes sense to plan and ensure you get the most superb tile for your bathroom, and what better way to get going than learning a few tricks on how to go about this. This article provides you with 5 important tips to get you started in your journey to select the perfect tile for your bathroom.

1. Understand your Budget

Before making any kind of investment, including renovating or designing, budgeting is necessary. Understanding your budget early on is important because it will help you determine if you have the finances needed to do your remodeling or designing, or if your finances can accommodate your vision.

Once you have created your budget, you can go ahead to select the bathroom tile your finances can accommodate, comfortably.

2. What appeal do you want to Create in your Space?

Once you have set your budget, the next tip is to determine the appeal you want to create with the tiles on your bathroom floor and wall. For instance, if you want to make your bathroom space seem spacious, you might want to consider tiles with light colors. You can consider bathroom tiles that are white, off-white, light brown, light blue or even light pink.

If you want to create a spa appeal to your bathroom, natural stone, slate, marble-effect or porcelain tiles could do for your bathroom floor and walls.  If creating decorative variation is what you want to achieve, you can consider the following ideas:

You can use the same tile in different formats for your bathroom wall and floor. The variation created by this is stylish and chic.

You can consider mosaic designed tiles to introduce a unique and gorgeous textured effect to your bathroom, creating a modern feel and a trendy look.

3. Consider the possibility of Slips

It is no doubt that some tiles pose a great hazard for slips and falls when wet. This is often true for some mosaic glass tiles. Before choosing the tile for your bathroom floor, which is one of the wettest areas of your home, ensure you check its slip rating (ranges from PEI Class 1 to Class 5 rating) to determine its frictional characteristic. For example, porcelain tiles have a slip rating of 5, which means they are much safer to consider for the bathroom floor. This insight is important to note because it will help keep you safe from preventable bathroom floor slips and falls.

4. Consider your Bathroom and Tile Size

When selecting your bathroom tile, it is important to understand how size factors can influence the final look of your bathroom. If the size of the bathroom is small, which is the case in most homes, it is important to select tiles that complement the small size. Mid-sized mosaic tiles are one way to go about designing small bathrooms. Your small bathroom might even benefit from large-sized tiles because they elongate the size of the room and the fewer grout lines are impressive.

5. Take a Sample

Finally, you can consider taking a sample of your tile choice to your home to get a gist of how your vision will play out in real life. This is an important tip to bear in mind because the lighting arrangement in your home, among other factors, can let you know the type of tile that might or might not work, and you can know in advance if changes to your vision should be made.

Once you have done all the above, you will be at a better place to proceed and choose the perfect bathroom tile.

It is evident that carefully selected bathroom tiles are not only friendly to your budget but they also make a statement in your bathroom by introducing a touch of versatility, which is irreplaceable. If you are torn about where to start when considering renovating or designing your bathroom in your dream home, use the above tips to get you started and you will not regret it, not one bit!

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